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To be owned by Ron Paul.
When Hannity tried to discredit Ron Paul's victory in the Fox debate, Ron Paul proclaimed "you mean your own poll isn't any good?" Hannity was rwned.
by Brad324 January 02, 2008
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Owned, but by Ron Paul
Oh Man, Guliani just got RWNED!
by Sventek January 08, 2008
When one gets owned by religion.
Frank- Dude have you shagged your bird yet its been like 2weeks.

Dave- no, gonna finish her she just told me that she dosent believe in sex before marriage. fuckin ho.

Frank- man thats funny as fuck totally you got Rwned!
by CharlieHobbit3 December 27, 2008
pwned, but with a twist.
d00d got rwned on bash
by Mechanic February 28, 2004

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