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in bavaria, similar to aloha

means 'hello' and 'goodbye'

can also be used for 'bon appétit'
"Servus, Paul"

"Servus, Afer"

"Servus, Peter"
by Mechanic April 10, 2004
resuscitating someone, through their anus, using the power of the fart
Holy crap, Brandon was sleeping, and I totally gave him butt to butt resuscitation.
by Mechanic February 26, 2004
impressing your beliefs on others, in essence, "raping their opinions," with yours.

not always bad.
opinion-rapee: bash.org sucks, i dont get the point.
opinion-raper: thats because youre a retard. go away, retard.

by Mechanic March 16, 2004
prwned = professionally + owned

new internet slang
dude, i tried to go up against a clan member on cs, i got soooo prwned.
by Mechanic April 14, 2004
combination of ninja, and fantastic. used to describe things that are, well, ninjatastic.
dude, my car is completely ninjatastic.
by Mechanic June 26, 2004
pwned, but with a twist.
d00d got rwned on bash
by Mechanic February 28, 2004
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