Ok, Im gonna finish were the real Ruthless (definition one) left off. I really have seen this guy in concert and he is a gheymo. The highlight of his show was when Richard Simmons came out and gave him a salty pirate. He has been arrested multiple times for what he likes to call, "whip off a batch" while starring at little boys in preschool parking lots. The only good thing about him is his oldest daughter. She is hot, but dumber than bricks. She always lets me play rowdy cowboy and for that Im happy. But then there is his mom. She sufers from what Im sure you read about in definition 1, but also, she has the zactly disease. Really, its quite sad. She makes up for it though cause she looks good after an angry dragon, angry beaver, coney island special, glass bottom boat ride, or any combination there of! What a bitch man. Should I continue? And have you ever seen a rapper with a kentucky waterfall? Yeah, me either. I recommend purchasing an AK-12 and putting this loser out of his misery cause I am personally gonna be taking brown if I see this jack ass eat one more onion ring off the knob of another homeless drunk.
No example sentence need. The whole world knows how pathetic this loser is.
by the authority March 01, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who smacks the dog shit out of little internet thugs who call themselves "the authority"...lol & talk shit behind a computer , man seroiusly i would knock your fucking dick string loose you fucking coward , what is the point of talking shit when that individual is not around ... Come and see me ~Ruthless Rob~ Now go beat your dick u fucking chump !!! Stop hating and get a life ...
Ruthless Rob snuffed a fag named "the authority" and hung his nut's from a street pole !!!
by Ruthless Rob January 24, 2006
one gay loser from san fran that loves pancaking and is a sucker for a good glass bottom boat ride. this gheymo has absolutely no class and gets all his clothes at walmart. he is so unoriginal, he had to go to urban dictionary.com to come up with his lame rapping name of ruthless rob. this guys rhymes flow like dried cement and he gets all the groupies that nobody wants. his moms meat curtains smell like hot garbage and they resemble a well broken in catchers mit. her doggie style blows and her poor toothie blow jobs are lacking. what a bitch. and his kids look like a southern alabama inbreeding experiment gone bad. and you know he still lives at home with mom.
a new believer: i saw that ruthless rob concert last night! it was lame as hell. n'sync was cooler than that 5'2" 100lb. bitch.
by ruthless February 27, 2005
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