A penis with many warts/scars on it.

A severely aged penis.
"Hey Sally, I unzipped my boyfriends pants the other day only to find out he had a rusty trumpet, so I dumped him on the spot."

"Old people don't have sex because old men get rusty trumpet."
by Ginger Loaf December 11, 2005
Top Definition
1. the female version of the rusty trombone
2. to eat the ass of a woman while reaching around and fiddling with her special place (especially with several fingers, simulating a trumpet)
I gave your mother a rusty trumpet.
She loved it.
by Jake E. Pants July 14, 2002
When a woman (or man) is giving a Man a blow job while humming (like a trumpet) and using three fingers to stimulate the balls.

The goal of the rusty trumpet is not for the man to orgasm, but for the man to fart.
Man: Hey baby, you want to give me a rusty trumpet?

Woman: What's that?!?!

Man: Well, you slob on my knob like corn on the cob, then use tree fingers to massage my balls, the job aint done until I fart! Wocka Wocka!
by Wocka Wocka Wocka August 21, 2009
After one performs anal to another, the dingleberries from their butthole stick to your genitals.
That stanky bitch gave me a rusty trumpet!
by tinyladske June 19, 2014
Similar fo the Rusty Trombone just in reverse typical male and female fashion. The male rims out the women and commences diddling her piddle with multiple fingers in a trumpet like fashion.
Dave: What did you and Jill do last night?
Aaron: We started our own brass band!
Dave: She gave you a Rusty Tombone?!?
Aaron: And then I gave her the Rusty Trumpet!
Dave: NICE!!
Aaron: And then we each drank a bottle of Listerine so as to not get E-Coli.
by Jasper Stupolotics July 21, 2008
A rusty trumpet is a rusty trumpet lol
A rusty trumpet is when one guy is bent over and another guys comes up behind him jacks him off and blows in his butt hole
by rusty trumpet June 30, 2009
Sitting on your partners chest, with you penis in their mouth, you ejaculate into their mouth as you simultaneously fart on their chest, giving the illusion that they are playing the trumpet with your cock. Extra bonus points are awarded if you manage to shard at the same time.
"Bill always leaves a stain when we do the Rusty Trumpet", Kelly complained.
by Pango_X May 13, 2006
1:Involves a woman eating out a guy's ass while concurrently tugging him off.
2:A trumpet that has been exposed to too much salty water. Probably the salt included with semen.
"Dude, I like soo got the best rusty trumpet last night. Fuck sexual intercourse."

"My trumpet is getting rather rusty. Tug over this this 2 ohm resistor instead. "Oh! 2 ohms! FASTER! Ohhh..."
by Christostorous III October 09, 2006

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