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The rusty hook occurs when the length of the index finger is inserted into the anus, extracted and placed on the inside of someones mouth, thus hooking their cheek.
Randy gave me a nasty rusty hook today.
by Dale Jarret March 05, 2004
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This is where one person inserts his finger inside his own rectum, as if to cover it in feces, and then sticks it in someone else's mouth and pulls on the victim's cheek, as if the person is being fish hooked.
On the Jackass DVD 4-Disc Box Set, Jeff Tremaine talks about how Ryan Dunn gave him a rusty hook, and during a photo shoot, you could see feces in Tremaine's teeth.
by Jesse Morton January 02, 2007
To Insert your finger into your anus and then fishook the inside of someones mouth attempting to scratch the inside of there mouth.
"Oh My God! You Just got Rusty Hooked! your mouth is all shitty and bloody!"
by matt fortune November 12, 2006
A Rusty Hook is when you are wiping your arse and your finger accidentally rips through the toilet paper and you get a little bit of shit on your finger.
"Dude, I was just taking a shit and... When wiping my finger tore through the fucking toilet paper..."

"Rusty Hook!!!"
by BigLeeBrink October 18, 2013
When you stick your finger in your ass then hook it in someone's mouth.
Rusty Hook
by ExplainationOfRustyHook March 01, 2011
when you stick your finger up someones butt hole, get a lil poop out and stick it in the persons mouth
"ayy buddie what the fuck why you stickin shit in ma mouf wit yo rusty hook!"
by pooplovers123 October 10, 2009
A poop-hardend finger in which is put into the girls mouth
During sex the male sticks his finger up the girls buthole and gets poop on it. He lets it dry and hooks it on her cheek.

Friend - Hey how was she last night
You - So good, we got so into it that i gave her a rusty hook
by Anonymous 54 March 01, 2008

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