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When a girl eats your asshole and squeezes your ball sack like a set of bagpipes. There are multiple methods including, but not limited to the reach around, the reach under, and the ever elusive two handed ball squeeze.
After she gave me a rusty bagpipe,I wouldn't kiss her for a week.
by JACDFlexer May 21, 2007
The Process of giving multiple Rusty Trombones at a given time. Usually upwards 2 or more. Giver must switch between anal cavities to recievers, while always atleast giving a handjob to the person being blown upon.
After sarah played rusty bagpipes we played bukkake on sarah
by Jordan John! December 28, 2005
While having one girl blow you and another one simultaneously lick your ass and fondle your nut sac, you fart.
While Tiffany was sucking my dick I gave Jessica the rusty bagpipes.

by Matt & Dan November 23, 2006
Scottish sexual practice of wanking off multiple blokes' pipes,
while simultaneously licking their blowholes.
Helen gave me and my mate Angus the Rusty Bagpipes.
She blew a mighty ditty. Och aye!
by PhilMcCrackin October 08, 2008
getting your cock and balls fondled while having your ass eaten
I was out with that chick Diana last night and she did a rusty bagpipe on me
by JPEB May 21, 2008
when getting a blow job, she plays with your balls. she sticks her finger in your ass and you fart and cum at the same time.
My ex gave me a rusty bagpipe for my birthday, so i crapped on her hand.
by leetx86 August 28, 2007
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