1. A unit of measurment for vodka, or other highly alcoholic drinks.
2. Those who hail from the great nation of Russia (Which is part of the Soviet Union, which, despite popular belief, did not break up in the early 90's. You only think that! Muahahaha!).
1. I'll have 3 russian-fulls of vodka.
2. You Russian? I'm not! Asian power!
by detranova October 27, 2003
Ultimate undisputed masters of rocket sciences.The oh-i-am-so-great Americans cannot even hold a candle to the ingenuity of the Russians.
USA bought 101 newly developed rockets from the Russians.
by simpleton? January 19, 2005
the only people more drunk than the Irish.
dude, those Russians are so drunk
by ~-------- January 07, 2012
Person from the Russian Federation, speaks Russian language (East Slavic). Quite often used abroad to refer to Russian speakers from former Soviet republics who may in fact be of a different ethnic group or nationality. Usually intellectual and sometimes unnecessarily sentimental.
"He speaks the Russian language and claims he's from Russia so he's probably Russian!"
by ebato March 09, 2006
Annoying: Communist, Crackhead, Socialist, or Soviet. One whose lineage is from any part of the former Soviet Union.
I wish that russian would shut the hell up
by meshuganah July 11, 2006
originating in/from Russia,
and/or has a family member like this:
Russian Girl- Grandma, can i have a cookie?

Her Grandmother- SURE! and you must have the borch and the dumplings, and the chease, oh and we cant forget the crackers, and i have pears, oranges, apples, bluberries, ohh!! and i bought some new greek yogurt! and eat some chicken, your all skin and bones! and pork. we must fead you pork.

Russian Girl- Again?
by lizzy fr March 02, 2008
1. drink vodka like water - 8 glasses a day reccommended!
2. most beautiful people in the world
3. tend to speak their minds
4. don't like other people visiting their country
5. can party all they like and still pass their subjects in school and uni
1. natasha - wow that kid looks like he's drunk
Daniel- yeh he must be russian
2. natalia vodyanova
3. eh fuk fuk fuk fuk u!
4. Alex- excuse me would you be able to show me the way to St Peterburg?
Russian man- ot yabis!
5. Professor - I don't think I've ever seen that Russian kid come to class but he's topped the grade...again
by suburban babe August 25, 2005

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