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A race of people whos country takes up 1/7 of the earths land and have vodka pouring from their household taps. If your drunk and think of something extremely stupid or ridiculous to be the first one to do - a russian has already done it.
"Watch out hes Russian!"
If you think that the joke "What do you call an attractive woman in Russia? a tourist." funny you are a sweaty potato and an anthony gillan and you can lick my sack because russian women are poon
by Sovereign November 15, 2004
1. S sweat mustache developed after any form of excercise.
2. Someone with the voice of the fat guy off the Ali G movie.
3. Someone who is extremely sensetive about their legs and exclames "Not the leg! aaaaaa!"
1. "Johny has a sweaty potato"
2. "You have a sweaty potato voice."
3. "Your a sweaty potato man."
by Sovereign November 13, 2004
extremely hot woman that is usually from some ethnic group like itallian, russian or some asian country
"check out that poon asian chick!"
by Sovereign November 15, 2004

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