1. "ruined".. with a country, southern, and - pretty traditional accent

2. "spoiled" like Veruca Salt in 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory'.. Still very country, Southern and traditional.
1. I tore up the car and now it's rurnt..

2. This grandbaby of mine is gonna be rurnt!

by Corky, I'm Corky! April 14, 2007
To be completely wasted drunk and high. So (blizzard) you must keep getting more fucked up. Preferably on cheep beer. Very Southern in origin.
Man Mike and Britt were just rurnt last night when they ran the train on that bird.
by Big Tyme Mike December 11, 2008
Means whatever you want it to, but generally not used in a positive way. When used constantly it is one of the most ABNOXIOUS words in the english language. Southern in origin.
Matt and Dustin are so rurnt for always using the word rurnt.
by Kannee December 05, 2011
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