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Rupe is a nickname given by many people in his fan base. Rupe aka Rupert Grint is the hottest and most talented actor in the Harry Potter Movies.
Aww Roo is so cute in that picture!
by Michizzle June 29, 2005
A gorgeous person inside and out. Driven and caring! Personable gets along with all personalities! Sweet as honey, but, don't break her trust, she'll sting you; and does it hurt!
Z: "Hey there goes Rupe"
Ian: "She's off to go save another soul!"
by Randy123 June 22, 2013
The singular meaning of the word "group", for people with only a single friend (real or imaginary).
"Hey, did you meet my Rupe Daniel?"
"Oh right... I only have a single friend."
by An_elf November 20, 2012
stupid person, retard/retared, silly looking
Bob: You look like a rupe today.
Bill: I think its the Tye-dye pants I'm wearing.
by SBAY November 26, 2009
Coolest fishie around...can be found hanging around at "Deer Park" taking a lovely stroll with two other buddies and a giant twig at hand. Otherwise is one of the laziest friends that never leaves your dorm room in weeks. Sometimes considered to be the "third wheel" and can dangerously become suicidal near giant windows. Can fall down and die but luckily be reincarnated as the same little fella and complete the best trio of buddies once again. Also Best damn aquatic rapper alive.
One day me and G will cry when we see Rupe all grown up and marrying the Chicken of the Sea Tuna can...until then sunny days always.
by B.S. June 06, 2004
The third dude in Rap TriO
lives in a deer park bottle
fell out during a hurricane cause sunny was a bad parent
beenzi and sunny's pet freshmen year at college
rupster rupe rupedaddy
by sunny June 06, 2004
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