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A man with very big useful bollocks.
Ooooh, you stud!
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
A mouthy little monkey whose parents don't give a shit what he does.
The little runt is leaving nasty comments on youtube again.
by geezerdk January 01, 2012
A chronic inability of farting, being unable to fart.
I can't fart, I'm inflatulent.
by geezerdk February 16, 2012
A verb which can be used as a substitute for wank.
I can't slip you one now, I deboned 20 minutes ago.
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
A little untalented person, normally a boy, who gets his kicks from griefing other peoples flipnotes (cartoons drawn in Flipnote Studio) and generally being a pain in the arse. Flipkids clearly lack guidance from responsible adults.
That little flipkid is spamming my flips with comments about yo mamma!
by geezerdk January 01, 2012
A game males play with their mates while out on the piss. The idea of the game is to score the most undesirable woman.
Wanna play "no pig too big?"

Sure thing, I'm gonna win.
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
A popular pastime among teenagers in Copenhagen, which involves decorating dog turd with little paper danish flags.
I'm all out of booze, wanna go poo flagging instead?
by geezerdk January 02, 2012
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