When you get fired on a job site.
The safety man came around and i wasn't tied off. So I got run off.
#drag up #run off #fuck you #get fucked #fired
by Welder77 April 19, 2009
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The leftover urine that drips onto the pants or shorts after zipping up, giving the impression that one has pissed himself, or the water from a faucet that somehow ends up on said parts. Runoff is commonly hidden or removed by wearing long shirts or utilizing the hand-dryer while no one is around.
Bill: Oh hey man looks like you just pissed your pants!

Sven: F*** runoff!
#water #urine #piss #banana #freedom
by Waldosziak February 28, 2012
To make a photocopy of something
Can you run off a couple of copies of that worksheet?
#photocopy #copy #book #run #off
by blenheimears April 24, 2010
when ejaculation has occured past it's maximum point
Why is it still cumming like that?
I don't know. It's run off.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
fresh cum trickling down an object
Oh my, I've got run off on my back!
by Briannica November 06, 2004
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