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The leftover urine that drips onto the pants or shorts after zipping up, giving the impression that one has pissed himself, or the water from a faucet that somehow ends up on said parts. Runoff is commonly hidden or removed by wearing long shirts or utilizing the hand-dryer while no one is around.
Bill: Oh hey man looks like you just pissed your pants!

Sven: F*** runoff!
by Waldosziak February 28, 2012
The central hub of technology and innovation, a place where progress is postmodern; websurfers seek sagacious words from the Oracle that dwells there.
Whilst travelling abroad in a lonesome carriage upon the dusted roads of a forsaken existence, Martin pondered the meaning of life and spoke thus, "To Netopolis I travel this eve on the ancient infobahn."
by waldosziak February 03, 2012
A nouveau-riche term used to describe American imperialism from sea to shining sea, or simply put, Whitman's way of telling it like it is.
"Yankeedoodledom is going ahead with the resistless energy of a sixty-five-hundred-thousand-horsepower steam engine! It is carrying before it South and West, and may one day put the Canadas and Russian America in its fob pocket! Whether it does these things in a conventionally “genteel” style or not, isn’t the thing: but that it will tenderly regard human life, property and rights, whatever step it takes, there is no doubt.”
by waldosziak September 23, 2011
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