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When you (and possibly a partner) simply cannot be beat in the game of beer pong. Typically this is only acknowledged after 5+ games have been played (in a row) and won.
Guy #1: "Dude, have you seen Darrell and Ty tonight?

Guy #2: "Hell ya man! They are definitely running the table!"
by DerMin July 20, 2011
Relating to billiards: Taking the break, then proceeding to pocket every ball thereafter without miss or scratch.
by ltdrifter February 02, 2003
When a guy in a group full of girls manages to fuck them all in one night.
Did you see josh last night? He was running the table on 5 chicks.
by bffhm May 29, 2011
u think i know it just says ther is no definition for it
??? u think i know???
by neala February 02, 2003

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