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In the poem, "The Owl and the Pussycat", based on an Edward Lear poem, a runcible spoon is used to eat fruit. It is shaped much like what we now call a "spork".
"They dined on mince, and slices of quince, which they ate with a runcible spoon.
by Travis T. (linzi) August 23, 2004
Runcible is a word coined by Edward Lear in the late 1800's. It doesn't mean anything, but it has a rough, crunchy sound so it can be used to describe anything bad. The verb form is "to runcibate."
"I had a runcible time at the dentist's." and, "Stop runcibating, you're driving me crazy."
by cyberpageman February 08, 2010
Edward Lear's neologism referring to cats, hats and spoons. Later used to describe a spoon with tongs.
They ate with a runcible spoon.
by r titus April 05, 2006
A type of spoon, similar to a tablespoon - but with a much longer curved handle
I can't reach the olives at the bottom of this jar!

There's a runcible spoon in the drawer - use that instead
by David Harris March 20, 2004
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