to inject a narcotic, usually heroin.
Fool, you can't just run that shit in the middle of the street.

You keep running that H and you gonna end up collapsing every vein in your body.
by fallingshort May 23, 2005
- run/ran

- To jog at a fast pace. requires a single point of contact to the ground at a time.

- To controll/command or domintate an activity seen as forbidden.

- To exceed an expected outcome involving person(s) of equal or lesser immediate importance.
- Capt. Johnsmere was shot, Lt. bratchert ran the operation.

- "Down twelve players, they still had the run of the field"

- He walked in the front door for the drug run, and came out in a body bag.
by bodybag carryer April 28, 2004
sounds like "are you in?"
*dude bends his gf over

gf: "are you in (r.u.n.) yet?"

dude: "someone's being impatient ;)"
by Danni_star January 04, 2010
pertaining to unorganize basketball: verb one who is going to run has there agenda as follows: making ones self available for participation in a game of basketball.
dude: joe, you goin to the courts with any one?
joe: naw man im just gonna run
by pdubbs October 10, 2006
To do something as hard and with as much determination and strength as you can.
I'll run. Have a little faith in me...
by hiddenemberlil August 08, 2010
A car race; to race someone with your car.
Let's run tonight!
Oh shit, they running tonight!
Who wants to run me?
Hey, you want to run for cash?
by Konigwolf June 28, 2009
its a feeling of being in the midst of an adrenaline rush.
Edward Cullen can run really fast. its an adrenaline rush. its very common, you can google it.
by bean3520 March 25, 2009
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