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Jerking off in a public place.
Pee Wee Herman was arrested for Rumping
by Baraconda February 17, 2007
4 8
a relaxed form of humping
I walked into my room to find Sarah and Artie rumping on my bed.
by R.King July 21, 2009
22 9
To take a picture of a person staring and pointing at a girl's ass, and biting their lower lip. Similar to DAT ASS.
Did you see the picture of Tim rumping that girl?
by The Danzanator January 08, 2012
7 5
A Southern slang for sex
david was rumping julie last night
by captain awesome123 July 26, 2010
4 2
The act of injecting alcoholic liquid into one's own anus or another's for the purpose of intoxication.
"Dude, sorry I didn't call you back, I was rumping pretty hard last night."

"Pass the baster!"
by dan wants credit for this December 28, 2009
7 5
Rumping is similar to Krumping except you use your ghetto booty.
Michael: wow, whats that brand new dance?

Jessii: Its called rumping its the shit!!
by jessii <3 February 12, 2010
5 4