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a relaxed form of humping
I walked into my room to find Sarah and Artie rumping on my bed.
by R.King July 21, 2009
To take a picture of a person staring and pointing at a girl's ass, and biting their lower lip. Similar to DAT ASS.
Did you see the picture of Tim rumping that girl?
by The Danzanator January 08, 2012
Rumping is similar to Krumping except you use your ghetto booty.
Michael: wow, whats that brand new dance?

Jessii: Its called rumping its the shit!!
by jessii <3 February 12, 2010
The act of injecting alcoholic liquid into one's own anus or another's for the purpose of intoxication.
"Dude, sorry I didn't call you back, I was rumping pretty hard last night."

"Pass the baster!"
by dan wants credit for this December 28, 2009
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