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A world conflict started in 1939 when Germany led by Adolf Hitler and the Natzi party, invaded Poland. The main forces were the Allied powers which consited of Great Britain, Russia and The United States, and The Axis Powers who consisted of Germany, Japan, and Italy even though italy was gay and really didnt have an army with any real affect in the war. WW2 eventually spread through the entire Contentant of Europe, Southeast Asia, The Pacific Ocean, and northern Africa. The war eneded with an Allied victory
During WW2, the french have earned a title of pussies for being invaded so quickly. I mean realy , when you have one of the largest populations in europe and when Hitler didnt even lay seige against Frances majer cities you have to be a total Vagina to surrnder.
by Baraconda February 15, 2007
A show about nothing.
Seinfeld represents the genius of man.
by Baraconda February 18, 2007
An amazing underground hip-hop group hailing from west africa, and now resideing in Florida.
Any fan of Hip-Hop should give CYNE a try.
Check out there MySpace.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
A Baseball team that people are Jealous of.
Those Damn New York Yankees one another world series.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
Jerking off in a public place.
Pee Wee Herman was arrested for Rumping
by Baraconda February 17, 2007
Rap for the suburbs.
Yo, lets listen to G unit in are moms Honda.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
A show that ugly stupid people say is greatest of all time.
Friends was on so i changes the channel
by Baraconda February 18, 2007

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