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1) The ass, specifically the buttocks.
I love to grab my woman's rump while we smash!
by Ragefist November 17, 2002
1) One who engages in the practice of exploring the anus and rectal passage of another, just as a spelunker enjoys exploring dark, dank, underground passages.
2) A person who acts as though he might enjoy the practice of ass spelunking.
1) Man that guy is an ass spelunker. I think I saw him in the Gay Pride Parade last week.

2) Goddamnit Jimmy, stop prancing around like a fucking ass spelunker.
by Ragefist November 17, 2002
1) Someone who wrangles rump, much like cowboys used to wrangle cattle and other animals. (see also ass spelunker)
1 - Holy shit that guy's ass looks hot!
2 - Jesus, Man, do you have to be such a flaming rump wrangler?
1 - Basically, yes.
by Ragefist November 17, 2002

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