rest-room utilization measurement program: developed by geeks at H, this is really an LCD-display in public urinals with pressure sensors that display a happy yellow face if hit by piss!
hahaha...I know you all know about that thing, but the name?....I mean RUMP?...
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005
Top Definition
1) The ass, specifically the buttocks.
I love to grab my woman's rump while we smash!
by Ragefist November 17, 2002
the ass preferably the buttocks
That girls rump is so nice
by LilJOnwhattt August 01, 2005
Short for Rumple Minze
"I don't remember last night, it must be from all that rumps." - Rumps Drinker
#rumple #minze #rumple minze #the rumps #mint schnapps #menthol schnapps
by Jamotron October 05, 2010
the posterior =rear, rearend
ow, ow, ow, that little jerk just kicked me in the rump.
by Light Joker October 20, 2004
Round, and perfectly shaped and perfectly sized gluteus maximus.
Mmmmm...gimme some of that juicy Rump.
#booty #ass #bum #tail #backside
by steamdemon February 20, 2011
meathead, hardman , big man , weight , muscle , acting hardhard
" im gaining some right rump "
" look at the group of rumps over there "
" stop acting rump in front of your mates "
#muscle #power #heavy #scary #weight #acting hard #romp #rmp #rump
by douglas andrewz October 18, 2013
Anything & everything bad. Usually substituted for the words "bitch" or "rude"
Ex 1) Bro, you're being pretty RUMP right now.
Ex 2) That shirt is so RUMP.
Ex 3) You're sucha RUMP!
#rump #bad #bro #bitch #rude
by Becca&BellaQueen January 13, 2013
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