Leader of Broken Empire.
Has been known to take it in the body part that matches his name.
Rump takes it up the rump!
by sadflkj November 13, 2006
vt "to rump" - to bum, bugger, arse fuck
i wanna rump that teenager so bad
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
those horrible red bumps you get after you shave your pubes.
-I did some manscaping last night and now i got the rumps.
-shit man, thats nasty.
by fukgoombchicks November 10, 2009
A person of questionable mental faculties or ability.
After we scored 5 goals, they put in the rump squad just to get them some playing time.

You saw those freshmen trying to roll cigarettes? They're a bunch of rumps.
by Humanikin October 03, 2009
To frolic or to play with a friend(s) originally on the t.v show Charlie Brown
hello i would like to know if snoopy would like to come out and rump with me
by walking pylon July 12, 2009
in bad shape; worthless or miserable
Our tennis team is rump!

These bathrooms are super rump, I think ill use the other one instead.

That girls breath is rump. Im going to pop a tic-tac in that mouth.
by A-High Vocab March 30, 2009
A Black Homo sexual
that black guys such a rump because he has a dick in his ass
by sunnyman September 06, 2008

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