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1. The act of expelling flatulence onto another human being via direct contact between the posterior of the "flatulator" and any part of the "flatulatee" resulting in a vibrating sensations similar to that created by the N64 Controller "rumble pack" feature.

2. To fart on somebody... YO!
DAMN, you got rumble packed!
by Scott Shanks April 21, 2004
The act of doing a girl (or guy if thats what your into) either in the butt or simply from behind. During the act, the perpetrator takes their fists and starts pouding them on the recipiants rear: Donkey Kong style fist slams.
After their steamy Nintendo session Jerome threw Cat to the ground and rumble packed the shit out of her.
by Beisner July 21, 2005
A ridiculous dance created by a black guy and a Mexican in Colorado. It involves sticking both arms out in front of ones body balling the hands into fists (imitating the output port of a rumble pack, specifically one found on the Nintendo 64) and furiously shaking ones head in all directions while staring straight forward with a blank expression.
dat nigga is doin da rumble pack
by Nightmare Crunchberry August 06, 2010
Another name for a bag of food from taco bell.
Go to taco bell and pick me up a rumble pack #3 with a pepsi.
by bill April 24, 2004
The act of shaking an unsuspecting victim during urination. Often results in expelling urine on the toilet seat, shoes, pants, or in some extreme cases, the hand.
I need to buy some shoe cleaner man, homeboy just rumble packed me and now my ice creams are all yellow.
by Will Langenberg November 06, 2007
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