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your mother. used as an insult when there is nothing else to be said. Similar to "yo mutha" but rolls of the tong easier.
"You are such a faggot"
"Yea ya mudda doesnt think so"
by Beisner February 03, 2005
The act of sleeping with one's penis safely rested in their partners buttcrack for easy and quick access in the morning. Buttsex for the working man.
Jack nessled his dude in the walls of Mike's ass. When Mike asked what that damp, slimy feeling on his behind was; Jack replied "Just placin it in the holster babe"
by Beisner March 29, 2005
The act of doing a girl (or guy if thats what your into) either in the butt or simply from behind. During the act, the perpetrator takes their fists and starts pouding them on the recipiants rear: Donkey Kong style fist slams.
After their steamy Nintendo session Jerome threw Cat to the ground and rumble packed the shit out of her.
by Beisner July 21, 2005
The fresh space of hairy skin between your scrotum and your anus. Synonymous to grundle.
After the cross country trip, Joel's grundula felt wet and slimy.
by Beisner February 03, 2005
Short and rotund Jewish boy.
I was parkin my car and I hit a freakin Oompa-Joo. Now I have blood on my grill and an arrest for a hate crime.
by Beisner April 20, 2005
Curly, pungent, sweaty asshairs. Soft and wet from stimulation. Very stinky, never a pleasant sight.
Jack had to brush his hair encrusted teeth after licking Leone's Curly Qs.
by Beisner March 29, 2005
Ultimate wierdo, a German pop-opera singer from the 70s. Rumored to have sexual relations with David Bowie, and is one of the first gay guys to die from AIDS. To be called a Klaus Nomi is to be labeled as a fuckin wierdo
Dan drank his own piss. So Klaus Nomi
by Beisner March 29, 2005
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