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When a couple is having sexual intercourse while playing a game on a nintendo 64 with the support of the nintendo 64 rumble pak, during gameplay, you shove the nintendo 64 controller, (with the rumble pack attached) into the female's vagina, (while it rumbles) and then you listen to that kitty purr.
Hey justin, you wanna play some starfox 64 and do some rumble packing tonight?
by revenkai October 17, 2006
This is pretty much a hybird of a "Snow Mobile" and a "Hot Carl" first and foremost, when doing a your partner from behind, you knock their front arms and ride them on their face, much like a "Snow Mobile" but in this case, you take a tube sock full of poo poo, and whip your partner with it, kind of like how a jockey rides a Race Horse. YA! YA! YA!
Hey baby, you mind if we play Kentucky Durby? I'll be the jocky, and you'll be the "Race Horse"
by revenkai October 10, 2006

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