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The rule of 3 states how men overstate and women understate their number of sexual partners.

When asking someone about the number of sexual partners they've had, multiply a woman's answer by 3, because a woman wouldn't want to seem like a slut. When a man answers, divide the number he gives by 3, because he wants to seem like a player.
Josh said he'd made it with 3 women this year? Rule of 3: that really means he made it with one, or zero.
by Moggraider May 28, 2008
n. The fact that a girl can be persuaded to do pretty much anything when asked three times repetitively. This technique can be enhanced by a singular or collective "C'mon" by the asker and/or those surrounding.
Lee: Show me your boobs.
Dumb Girl: No!
Lee: Show me your boobs.
Dumb Girl: No!
Lee: Show me your boobs...c'mon.
Dumb Girl: ...okay.
Nathan: Unbelievable.
Lee (to Nathan): Rule of 3 man.
by Lomonte95 August 09, 2006
In Heroclix (miniature game with Superheroes) no stat can be altered (increased - decreased) more than 3.
Lakis: My Punisher's damage becomes 6 from two after RCE (+2) and two perplexes!

George: No, it doesn't. Rule of 3, failure!
by noirext January 20, 2009