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n. Girls that are brought along to a club or social function that are expendable. If a random guy tries to cut in on your group these girls will serve as a perimeter protecting the hotter chicks you're dancing with.
Dylan: "Look out man, the douche crew's moving in."
Trevor: "It's cool man, start unloading the douche ammo."
Dylan: "Quick, to the center with the hotties!"
by Lomonte95 July 22, 2006
n. International House of Sausage. The over abundance of male presence at a club or social function.
Fred: Dude, there's so many guys here. It's a sausage fest!
Johnny: No man, its the International House of Sausage!
Together: Arg, IHOS!!!
by Lomonte95 July 07, 2006
n. Females with mediocre attractiveness often have a friend they always keep by their side that is much less attractive than themselves thus making them hotter by comparison. This always causes a problem when a guy and his buddy and looking to pick up chicks. Even though the one girl is rather cute, nobody wants to jump on the grenade.
Billy: "Hey Tony, check out those chicks over there. The one on the left is pretty cute but sadly her friend is less than satisfactory."
Tony: "Isn't that what they call the Comparative Property?"
Billy: "Yeah, I think so. So... what should we do?"
Tony: "Rock, Paper, Scissors?"
by Lomonte95 July 06, 2006
adj. The state of being completely and totally intoxicated to the point where reality becomes an illusion.
Rob: "Is there gonna be enough alcohol there to get me enameled?"
by Lomonte95 July 07, 2006
n. A male in the late teen to mid twenty's age range who always interferes with another guy who is getting acquainted or having a conversation with a pretty girl. Often times the douche knows the girl from either high school or somewhere else. Their reason for coming over to talk to the girl while she is in a conversation with another guy is to basically "Cock Block" and get her number first right in front of the other guy. This person's attire is usually defined by expensive jeans, a polo shirt (often with a propped collar), and bright white sneakers. They have a posse most of the time that all look alike and have the idea that they are better than everyone else, even secretly amongst themselves.
"Dude, look at that guy hittin on that cute girl that Bob was talking to. He butted right in on their conversation and gave her a hug. He is definately a member of the douche crew! No respect for his fellow man."
by Lomonte95 July 06, 2006
adj. Achieving a higher social status through association with a popular person. These people will never rise to the same social status as those they emulate. They are invited to "cool people" social functions, however, if they bring someone of the opposite sex with them they must be of the same social status. This is because a true popular person would never become involved with someone of lower status. This is primarily common in a high school setting because of the various social groups.
Dave: "Why did Bret bring Gina to the prom?"
Sam: "Gina is the quarterback's sister's best friend."
Dave: "But she's a big time softball thickie!"
Sam: "Doesn't matter, they're cool by association."
Dave: "Oh I get it. Bret is Blake, the quaterback's, friend from Little League. Gina has been Blake's sister's best friend since grade school. Neither of them are popular enough to come with Blake or Cindy so they are here with each other."
Sam: "Cruel, ain't it."
by Lomonte95 July 07, 2006
n. A female who would not be considered "fat" but has a slight chunkyness to them around the mid-section and love handles. In a steriotypical situation, if they were to play a sport it would be softball. These girls are not typically unattractive and would be considered "hot" if they lost about 10 to 20 pounds.
In Clueless (1995) Brittany Murphy was a softball thickie, however after losing those few pounds she is now a complete and total hottie.
by Lomonte95 April 21, 2006

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