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a rugged thug. roots stemming from Bone Thugs & Harmony's "thuggish ruggish bone."
The image is too clean and childish. It needs to be more ruggish to appeal to the right market.
by ryan w t September 16, 2008
1. Anything considered both disgusting, dangerous and impressive.

2. Someone who has exceeded all others.
guy A: What ever happened to Sam after high school?

guy B: Sam has gone ruggish.

guy A: Get out.

guy B: hmmmm *slightly nods head*
by ph89enix December 15, 2009
A state of mind that resembles the simplistic karma and realization of what life has to offer us.

A term used to describe things that have no words to describe it.

There is a better way to look at things, its more of a ruggish situation.

Whoa...that was...ruggish!
by MattyJ2050 October 13, 2008

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