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From rugrat, affectionate term for a small child.
Yeah, I'd like to go, but I gotta get someone to mind the ruggies.
by Jaco August 06, 2004
One who downloads excessively.
Also known as a rug.
Shad took so much off my FTP that he downed the server. He's a Ruggie.
by Mckitrick June 17, 2005
ruggie (n): (1) from rugrat. A stupid 13-year-old with a Christmas present modem. (2) By extension, a troll (q.v.) who successfully pretends to be a ruggie (1), triggering flames from those too self-important to be paying attention. See also DOOOOOOON Rodent, or the Danarchy volume.
Fuck off and die, you stupid ruggie.
by littlepinkpig March 11, 2004
One who downloads excessively without also uploading.
in BBS days: Someone with a bad Upload/Download ratio would be called a "ruggie".
in Torrent terms: Someone who never seeds a file.
by John Fairley January 04, 2006