The most dangerous activity known to man.
Jim died playing rugby yesterday.
by TGKF March 27, 2003
a game for real men. no pads, no subs, all physical contact. most games are accompanied by a large party afterwords.
rugby players: we may not go down in history, but we will go down on your sister.
by Zazen Griffen June 19, 2005
A sport where two teams of 15 men wrestle on the grass with an oval ball.
Players are usually big, 16 stones, and does not feel pain or cold.

Small skinny players tend to last only 5 minutes.
Robin played rugby yesterday and broke his teeth.
by Kerb November 27, 2004
A medium sized town in the county of Warwickshire, UK. Rugby is where the game of the same name originated and has at some time been connected to famous people such as Rupert Brooke, Lewis Carroll and Guy Fawkes. Also home of Rugby School, the school at which the book, Tom Brown's School Days was set.
You know it's a game but do you know it's a town also?
by Paul Prendergast August 19, 2005
We spend our spare time getting bashed, crunched, punched, stood on, gouged, bitten, crushed, twisted and bent.

And we love it. I don't see a problem with it.
(R. Hurst 2006)
Q: What do you call people who watch rugby players?
A: Backs
by grimmice April 24, 2007
The best time you'll have with 13 other guys and a hooker.
Rugby is a game of possession.
by jumbalaya October 07, 2012
Rugby Union: Great sport played by 15 hard bastard athletes. Lots of variation in play and tactics.

Rugby League: Version of Union simplified for the mind workings of Northern Chav followers. Mainly consists of one man hurling himself at 3 opponents 5 times then kicking the ball.
Rugby League: "And it's the 5th play the ball.... what's he gonna do?.... Oh he's gonna kick it!"
by Turku Bentu July 04, 2006

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