An Awsome Sport. Played by brave and courageous people who love the game.
I love Rugby, it is a big adrenaline rush that everyone should learn to play.
by The Hip ocrite September 18, 2005
A game where punching, kicking, Stamping on somebody's head isn't totally frowned upon
by ... muahaha? June 22, 2003
A hooligan's sport, played by gentlemen. A sport in which the select few athletes that can compete in such an activity are looked upon as homosexuals by those who cannot. (Note: above definitions)
by Steele August 07, 2003
a sport played by real men that aren't afraid to get tackled. unlike that poofy padded up to ur fuckin balls sport that u fat americans play that stops every 10 seconds. every time an american football player gets past the first down line they fall to the ground or run out of bounds cos they are scared of getting tackled even though they are covered from head to toe in pads and bubble wrap. fuckin pussies. saying that pads make the game tougher is bollocks. there are more concussions and serious injuries in rugby than any other ball sport, FACT. saying that rugby and REAL football have no strategy just cos they dont have to remember hundreds of plays just shows how retarded you are. sport is supposed to be about physical fitness and skill. not a fucking memory game. american football game might last longer but that dont mean the players have more endurance and stamina, cos most of the time they are standing around doing fuck all between the plays and only half the team play at a time.
american football is rugby for poofs
by jimmyw12 January 06, 2008
An amazing sport, often stereotyped as a man's game, but girls rugby is growing, and we kickass at it! Requires stamina and willpower.
Rugby is made for all genders - our team is living proof of that.
by Who cares? October 09, 2005
1.) The world's greatest sport, for men and women alike.
2.) The only sport where none of the fans dare to mess with you after the game if you lose.
3.) The sport you either have to be very brave or very stupid to play (or very drunk ;])

Contrary to popular belief, women who play rugby aren't all lesbians.

Last season, my rugby team experienced the following injuries:
2 broken legs, a broken foot, 7 concussions, 2 bloody noses, 2 rolled ankles, innumerable cuts, gouges, and bruises, a bruised sternum, a bruised collarbone, and one hospitalization. We only lost 2 players for the upcoming seasons.
by Fiona X December 15, 2005
The game they play in heaven.
Rugby (noun). The game they play in heaven.
by sickchops November 24, 2005
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