Acronym for Really Ugly Girl
Yo there's a lot of RUGS up in here
by T Diggs March 15, 2008
Top Definition
The hairy beast surrounding the vaginal orifice.

Usually munched by a muncher of rugs.
I sucked on that rug so hard that when her pubes came out I used them as floss.

by Wang Hang Lo June 16, 2003
Something that really ties a room together.
The Dude: That rug really tied the room together, man.

The Big Lebowski
by Balfdor January 10, 2007
Pubic hair. It has been recognized that often a person's pubic hair is the same colour as his or her eyebrows.
Hola baby, does the rug match the curtains?
by ian January 21, 2004
Are you gay ?

Clarification sought by an observer of outwardly homosexual behaviour exhibited by tatooed British expatriate male living in Singapore, working in a male dominated industry. Occurs in "episodes" typically perpetrated in bars and clubs where attraction to (and of) transvestites is evident. Followed by periods of introspection and self examination leading to "closet" activities that are dangerous if they occur in mens changing rooms. Inner rage an conflict leads to facial distortion resembling grotesque elfin creature of folklore.
If you see a Goblin observing you in an affectionate manner, ask it: "RUG?"
by Andy Mathieson September 29, 2004
The fake hair-piece that an old, bald individual would wear.
"His rug few off in the windstorm." What a gay definition, wtf u look this up for you stupid shit?!
by MF September 03, 2002
Half redneck, half thug
Damn look at Bubba wearin' those baggy pants and doo-rag. That rug tryin' to look so tough.
by fe$$a July 08, 2010
Abbreviation for Random Ugly Girl(s) OR Really Ugly Girl(s). You don't need the periods.(pun?)

Guy 1: Dude, we came to the mall to pick up babes, but all I spot is an ass load of r.u.g.s.
Guy 2: IDK man, rugs are usually pretty easy.
Guy 1:'re right but I feel so disgusted with myself afterward.
Guy 2: Haha, same here, let's go get an Orange Julius!

Guy 1: OUCH!!!
Guy 2: What WHAT!
Guy 1: Some horrible figure bumped into had long hair, and reeked.
Guy 2: Oh yea, that r.u.g. came out of nowhere!
Guy 1: yea, ouchy. Orange Julius?
by JRichJRicha February 17, 2009

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