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very heavy pornography or pictures of naked people. hard core simply means that the photos show the act of sex or has the sexual acts.
i love to see hard core porn, its almost like the real thing
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
a disease or illness passed through sexual intercourse, exchange of bodily fluids. one partner must have the condition to pass it on. sex, oral sex, anal sex, kissing, or any type of touch from open area to open area can connect to abstract one. more commonly known as an STD
Ben passed on AIDS which is an Sexually transmitted disease.
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
to finish engaging in sex
"Before we landed the deal he ran out on me."
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
1.if like someone is a sex freak and they use like toys or something and you go to have sex with them and they chain you to the bed and whip you
2. if someone oragsms by whipping themselves or another and chainging others to a bed
3. if someone whips and rubs chains in their sensitive area to reach orgasm
1. i like it with whips and chains
2. lets do it whips and chains style
3. i got off with whips and chains
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
vaginal hair
"You sucked the rug on that chick."
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
a man takes his goods, his penis and inserts it into the anus of another man or woman who is on all fours and makes and orgasm
i heard he and that chic/dude did it doggie style on the bed.
by Siddalee February 07, 2003
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