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Rufus is the naked mole rat from the old disney show Kim Possible. He's Ron's sidekick and he eats a lot of mexican food. He says "Boo-Yah" a lot. Any american kid under the age of 10 should know what I'm talking about.
Ron Stoppable: Let's go get some nachos with extra cheeese!
Rufus: BOO-YAH
Kim Possible: There's no time for that now ron, we have to go save the world!
by dane dane November 25, 2006
A word meaning 'cool' and 'awesome' created by the character 'Guy' in the movie "Never Been Kissed"
Whoa, the dance theme is so rufus!!
by Muaha February 08, 2005
The 13th Apostle left out of the bible for being a black man.
Why was i left out of the bible? BECAUSE I'M BLACK! All the other 12 white boys got in.
by RP July 07, 2004
my new, cool, hip word. spread it around like wildfire.
your disco barbie costume is totally rufus.
by punsie August 25, 2008
a partially smoked bowl of marijuana, usually found later by the same smoker
"I was about to repack the bowl, but it was still rufus"
by Rufus Caliente January 01, 2008
A slang word used in the movie, "Never Been Kissed," created by a character, Guy, which refers to anything cool.
Friend: "That's rufalicious!"
Guy: "No, it's just rufus. It's not a gum."
by xmascarroll July 13, 2005
cool, rad, beyond awesome
This prom is rufus!
by morrigancave July 12, 2008
a friend or pet that is so nice and funny, and whatever he does is cute
by rufuslover January 08, 2009