a partially smoked bowl of marijuana, usually found later by the same smoker at a later session
"I was about to repack the bowl, but it was way rufus"
"Damn, this old dirty weed is all rufus in my bowl."
by Rufus Caliente January 01, 2008
A cigarette created from the tobacco retrieved from cigarette butts.

Typically handrolled, these are often created from the desperation of a smoker without his fix.
I'm out of smokes, shit... Better go roll a rufus.
by Primordeal November 16, 2009
The 13th Apostle left out of the bible for being a black man.
Why was i left out of the bible? BECAUSE I'M BLACK! All the other 12 white boys got in.
by RP July 07, 2004
To down an alchoholic drink that doesn't belong to you, leaving nothing for anyone else.
"I looked away for one second, and someone pulled a rufus on me!"

"Jane put her drink down on the table for a moment, and Jill rufus'd it."
by Luke CTJ April 12, 2008
Low grade marijuana purchased from a black man. Used mainly in Atlanta.
I scored us some rufus,. Its all I could get.
by Psycho Miko June 09, 2006
Someone who says they are one thing, but are, in actual fact, lying. They can't actually do what they said they could. Although they do try to do what is asked of them, they fall short and eventually leave and leave the people they were working with hanging/better off.
"We'd like to see your programming portfolio to make sure you're not a Rufus."
by FurryHamster May 06, 2014
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