A not-quite affectionate term for negroes in the late 19th to early 20th century. Popularized in the cakewalk song "Whistling Roofus." Usage in this manner dropped off after the 1920's.
(Lyrics to Whistling Rufus)
This nigger would go to a ball or a party,
Rainy weather or shine,
And when he got there was a handsome nigger
After the chicken and the wine.
And when he got through with the chicken and the wine,
Then he whistled and he sung so grand
That they thought the angels' harps was a-playing.
And they called him the one-band man.

(Chorus): Don't make no blunder, they couldn't lose him,
For perfect wonder they had to choose him;
A great musician with a high position
Was whistling Rufus, the one-band man.
by obnostic March 27, 2010
something contracted while under the influence of "roofies"
ie, a venereal disease, or a child.
Guy1: Dude! a small, furry creature just crawled out of your pants! WTF?
Guy2: Man! I don't remember anything after those Roofies we took...but I must have gotten myself a rufus!
Guy3: You must have caught the Crumps!
by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
Low grade marijuana purchased from a black man. Used mainly in Atlanta.
I scored us some rufus,. Its all I could get.
by Psycho Miko June 09, 2006
To Jizz on your mothers Carpet
When he visited his mother's house while she was aways, he had a Rufus
by Rusfustheblack April 20, 2009
To hug with the eyes, A simple hugging used with your eyes wide open and with a concerned stare.
I sall my best friend in the hall, so I gave her a rufus.
by saltycrackers925 November 10, 2007
amazing homosexual music artist whos voice is beyond compair
Rufus wainwright is beyond amazing.
by Amanda June 13, 2004
Rufus is the naked mole rat from the old disney show Kim Possible. He's Ron's sidekick and he eats a lot of mexican food. He says "Boo-Yah" a lot. Any american kid under the age of 10 should know what I'm talking about.
Ron Stoppable: Let's go get some nachos with extra cheeese!
Rufus: BOO-YAH
Kim Possible: There's no time for that now ron, we have to go save the world!
by dane dane November 25, 2006

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