Adjective: Describes the appearance of soldiers in the field, who are usually have worn equipment, dirty uniforms, and unofficial additions or modifications of their kit. This makes them look tough and professional. People wanting to imitate that look will batter their new equipment, grow stubble even if they have the chance to shave, and so on.

Derived from 'rough'.
"Are you growing that beard because your chin is cold or do you just want to look more rufty-tufty?"
by Kilkrazy July 02, 2004
used when a pub is filled with roughian types and scallywags.
' My!!.. its a tad rufty tufty in this pub Bob, do you think pool cue's will be smacked over our heads??'

"well the windows are boarded up, and all the locals are staring at us. Maybe we should leave!!"
by twomilks February 28, 2007

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