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An attitude problem; the choice to behave in a generally unpleasant and rude way towards people around you for whatever reason, shows you display ruditude.

see also Ruditude and Sulkpot; two fictional minipins who from time to time crawl into a young child's brain through the ears, causing him/her to display unpleasant and oppositional behaviour.
As in:

Sulking child: " No! I'm not going, I want an ice-cream"

Parent: Oh dear, looks like Ruditude and Sulkpot are back!

particularly useful as a deterrant for oppositional behaviour during later teenage years, as it either makes the accused feel ridiculous or like a silly child...

by NMM August 14, 2008
Ruditude (n.) is a to have a rude, irrational attitude. A way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, that is reflected in a person's behavior, in a rude manner.
BF: Hey babe, I made you breakfast.
GF: What did you make?
BF: Eggs and bacon.
GF: You know I don't like Bacon.
BF: That's okay, don't have any bacon then.
GF: I hope you choke on the bacon!
BF: Huh? What's with the ruditude? You on your period or something?
by Smush 918 March 10, 2014