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RVC is an acronym for "Racist Vagina (spider) Crab"

One of the worst known std's, RVC's grow in hosts based on relative bitchiness. the bigger the bitch, the worse the case of RVC. Males must be wary if a female has RVC, for anything entering a host vagina will be consumed in it's entirety. Mexicans and blacks will simply be spat out intact because the crab believes that only whites are worthy of being consumed.
Alek: "Dude that babe is so hot. I'd smash."

Dryer: "Wait, you better check for RVC first."

Alek: "You're right, the last time I encountered an RVC I almost didn't make it out intact."
by Dr. Benjamin McCartney October 09, 2008
1. Richmond Volleyball Club
by Anonymous February 12, 2003

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