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Is a term coined by the critic Lee Siegel as an expression of th Internet's antidemocratic elements.
It contrasts the popular belief that the Internet promotes free speech and open discussion among the web population.
Internet users generally...and bloggers (as part of promoting blogofascism)especially, inhabit an absolute solitary space in which other people exist as stick figures filled out by the user's or blogger's conception of them."
by NMM February 23, 2008
An attitude problem; the choice to behave in a generally unpleasant and rude way towards people around you for whatever reason, shows you display ruditude.

see also Ruditude and Sulkpot; two fictional minipins who from time to time crawl into a young child's brain through the ears, causing him/her to display unpleasant and oppositional behaviour.
As in:

Sulking child: " No! I'm not going, I want an ice-cream"

Parent: Oh dear, looks like Ruditude and Sulkpot are back!

particularly useful as a deterrant for oppositional behaviour during later teenage years, as it either makes the accused feel ridiculous or like a silly child...

by NMM August 14, 2008

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