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Rudding is a sexual act mainly performed by Scottish Sailors which involves penetrating your sailing partner with an oar and using them to steer the boat. Double rudding is where you also put an oar in their mouth.

Some extremists prefer to stimulate their sailing partners by rubbing them against a working rudder, this is not reccommended as genital mutilation occurs in most instances.
"Man Hagrid, I'm so horny. Won't you give me a good rudding?"
by supergirl2022 June 24, 2009
Gamrudding is a small lane in the quaint village of North Duffield. The pronounciation of the word is of great interest as you need to growl it in order for it to be a valid word.

Gamrudding is a word used to express great anger, frustration, adoration or general arousal.
"That sex was GAMRUDDING good!"
by supergirl2022 July 09, 2009
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