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Excessive amount of pubic hair. Totally untamed, untrimmed, all natural 70's bush. Obviously, the term gets its name from the Harry Potter Character, Rubeus Hagrid, who's face looks like it's covered entirely with pubes.
So that girl last night... yeah, total Hagrid. It looked like the gamekeeper was taking a nap between her legs.
by sethisanimating January 02, 2012
n; letting slide a vital piece of information at an inopportune time, especially while intoxicated

n; a person who spills vital information when under the influence
Dude, don't tell Sally anything important, she's a major hagrid; no secret is safe with her after she's had a few
by King Arthur 277 December 30, 2010
When you are riding your girl, doggie style, you spit on her back so she thinks you're done. When she turns around finish in her face and exclaim "Congratulations Harry! You're going to hogwarts!" and walk away.
Cody: So how was it last night?
Carver: Aw man it was great! And to top it all off I did a Hagrid. I don't think she will be calling me back!
by Kkccc1994 June 14, 2013
hagid:the huge fat guy who is the gamekeepr at Hogwarts

hagrid:big and hairy you wouldn't be talking about me now would ya.
harry:NO the wizarding world doesn't always revolve around you.
hermione:it revolves around harry.

harry:lovin' your hut hagrid it's very...rustic!
by crowie August 04, 2006
a fat woman who resembles hagrid from the harry potter series. one whos cooch oozes mysterious potions. tends to make out with gay men and convince them to bang her with her pussy potions.
yo man did u see that hagrid walkin down the hall today?

yeah man she drug me into the bathroom and rode my shlong
by randal cunningham September 05, 2009
Slang for a big, tall, ugly, fat guy with long hair and unshaved facial hair and tattered clothing. Originates from a fictional character created by J.K. Rowling.
"Look at that Hagrid over there, begging people for money."
by ManiacManiacManiac July 10, 2004
a term used to describe anything. no matter how good or bad it is.
"Man did you see me throw down that steezy noseslide?!".... "Yah man it was pretty hagrid." OR "Dood i drank a shit tunnah' beer last night and fucked that ugly bitch while i was hammid'!" "Ugh... man that sounds pretty hagrid."
by JAFFY TAFFY April 07, 2008

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