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A badass chick who can bro out with the best of them! Also the most sweetest person you could ever meet. But she can definitely RAGE on you if you are acting like a Daryl.
Look at Rubric, she just chugged a beer and quickly saved beeryramid at $0.50 beer night
by Bro-daryl July 15, 2014
A confusing "1-6" grading scale used in high schools. Originated from "red ink".

It is rather confusing, because in typical terms 4/6 would be a D+, but on a "rubric" a 4 is more like a B+/A- level, and 5 or 6 are very hard to get.

The same high schools that use "rubrics" tend to ask retarded questions for essays like "Did this essay cause you to reach any EPIPHANIES?"

Whatever, man.
When I was in high school, I got a "4" on my rubric. My mom freaked out, not knowing a 4 was like a B+.
by Name-42 August 31, 2015

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