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a "massage parlor" where the masseuse (usually a young, attractive woman) gives a "happy ending" (i.e. a hand job or a blow job); for a gratuity, the customer may get more than the "happy ending"
"Welcom to Fancy's Rub Club. That will be $150 for the massage with happy ending. Anything more is negotiable."
by 80's Guy October 25, 2006
32 16
The collection of memories you think about while masturbating or to otherwise achieve orgasm. See: Spank Bank.
The wild sex I had last night with my boyfriend is definitely going in the rub club for when I'm out of town.
by TeamRam December 31, 2012
4 0
n) the female variation on the spank bank - an area of the short term memory in which arousing images are stored for subsequent recollection and masturbation.
Jennifer: Hey Brit! Did you see that guy?
Brit: Who? The one that looks like Scott Baio?
Jennifer: No, the one that looks like Gary Coleman!
Brit: Oh my god! Look at him! That's goin in the rub club!
Jennifer: Hey-oh!


Solange: Did you see that guy getting his swell on at the gym?
LaQueesha: Rub club.
by Pakpao Kanya February 24, 2009
6 3