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Zybez is a runescape help website, offering many many forms of guides, maps and databases to help players of RuneScape.

It is run by W13 and maintained by an exclusive team of developers from runescapecommunity
"Do you know how to do this quest?"
"No, but go to! They have loads of quest guides!!"
by Ben_Goten78 May 05, 2006
123 61
Zybez originates from the Afghani word, "Zai-baz" which means innovation. In the 4th century B.C., Greek engineers in the Royal Roman Legion adopted the word for use with military inventions.

Zybez is now defined as an innovative revolution relevant to technological advancement.
The world has gone through a Zybez thanks to the widespread popularity of the Internet.
by Will May 10, 2004
45 52
uber thing that w13 made. found at '_'
makes pie look.... like pie
by Chuckeh February 22, 2005
46 70