1. To rock
2. To hack
"word I roxor f00"
"I r0x0r y0ur b0x0r (PC)"
by iTX January 30, 2004
anything "The Legend" declares to be awesome or copterworthy which should make you want to instantly scream and make devil horns with both hands \m/ \m/
helicopters are totally ROXOR!!! \m/ \m/ YEAH!!!
by spikey bracelets February 15, 2006
The shortening of the phrase: "You rock, sir!"
"You roxor!"
by The Hobophobic May 15, 2003
To rock someone socks off, boxers off, cock off. mmmmmm....cock
SHEEET!!! That pwndaddy roxored my boxors!!!
by Wallin October 15, 2002

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