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You are the life of the party, everybody else wishes they could be half as cool as you are even tho your just being yourself, your personality is one that "keith stone's smoothness" couldn't even compare to, a complete badass without effort, and Fire trembles at the mention of your name, you find em hot and always leave them wet,
There goes the legend
by 77blue May 29, 2015
When you are fucking a mom in her bed, her daughter walks in and decides to join. You tell her to eat your ass, and as you are cuming you rip a huge beef and perhaps a little turd nugget in her face.
Larry: Yeah I know and the funny part is it was your mom and sister.
by cit October 28, 2006
When a man inserts his penis into a womans anal cavity and urinates
Bro, he just pissed in her ass!

Yeah i saw, he is The Legend
by BigDaddy YumYum October 10, 2011
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