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Short for Raye-Owned, the act of being owned by Sailor Mars from Megami33's Sailor Moon Adridged.
#rowned #raye #sailor #mars #moon #abridged #megami33
by Snowwika January 24, 2010
An word carrying the meaning "royally owned." Normally used after one repeatedly "rapes" an opponent at an online video game.
damn dude i "rowned" you with that headshot!
by Matt February 24, 2004
Rowned = royally + owned
a word invented by fieryiceissweet, which is now undergoing widescale promotion. the word should only be used in cases of extreme ownage, so it doesnt become a lame overused cliche
"shit that guy got rowned"

"way you got rowned"
#royally #owned #ownage #royal #pwnage #epic
by fieryiceissweet November 23, 2008
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