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A movie critic site which is one run by hipsters. They give terrible ratings to good/mainstream movies and extremely high ratings to "underground" or "cult classic" films that nobody has heard of.
*Navigates to Rotten Tomatoes*

*Sees The Boondock Saints got a 20% rating, but A Job Worth Doing, a straight to VHS movie that nobody has heard of, got 83% positive review by the "critics"*
by OnlyOneWithABrain August 16, 2013
A online community loosely based on reviewing/discussing movies.
Before we buy our tickets lets go to rotten tomatoes ( to make sure this movie isn't going to blow.
by Pipebomb February 23, 2005
An free, online compiler of movie reviews. Rotten Tomatoes generally compiles over 100 reviews for popular movies, and presents the average rating (based on the reviews that give stars) and the percent of good, or "fresh" reviews. If 60% or more of the reviews are fresh the movie is certified "fresh," otherwise, it is "rotten," hence the name of the cite.
Guy A: Did (MOVIEA) get good reviews?

Guy B: Yeah, it got a 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, you should definitely see it.
by FactChecker1199 July 29, 2008
When a a guy farts into a woman who is on the rag and then eats her out.
Dammmn Son!!! Julie is a freak- that bitch wanted the rotten tomato.
by Adam Padgett February 03, 2009
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