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The german word for 'kicking large amounts of ass.'

Originally coined in 1942 by Julian Karkarov, one of Hitler's own lackeys, it is said that he was describing a nazi party he had attended the night before as being, 'totally fuckin' rosenfeld. It was the most rosenfeld party ive been to in like eight years. Seriously, I got four blowjobs last night, it was awesome.'
'Man, I had a rosenfeld time last night.'
'Dude, that girl? Rosenfeld.'
'I was gonna leave the party, but then i realized without me, they wouldnt have a rosenfeld! So i stayed, and i smoked a bunch of weed and punched some chicks boyfriend in the face. Had a rosenfeld time overall, id say.'
by spermshootersupreme August 04, 2009
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